Hello world!

Thanks for stopping by…I am known in a lot of lists and groups as Betsy the knitting Realtor at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia and I decided the best way to learn about blogs and how they work is to jump in and start one.

What am I working on now?  Well, three pairs of socks…Lynda Gemmell’s Celtic Braid Socks in burgundy Knit Picks Risata, a pair of plain ones of my own design in Dicentra Design’s Solar Energy color and I just started a pair in …groan…black…alpaca for my stepdaughter…using a watermelon rib that I learned from a Judy Sumner pattern ages ago.  I will try to figure out how to upload pictures in the next day or so. 

There’s also a couple of sweaters on the needles and the yarn just came for hubby’s new clogs…oh yes, and an afghan for my knitting couch – the Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting using Caron’s Simply Soft (my cheap washable yarn of choice when I am figuring something out).


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