Step on It!

Finished the pair of Austermann Step socks this morning…they would be exactly mated except for one of the feet has an “anomoly” in the dye process…not bad just different and definitely not matching ANYTHING else in pattern (and some color strength variations too).  I can only think that it was the end of a dye run and rather than doing it what I consider to be right, they took the short cut just thinking that since it was inside the ball nobody would know.  It irritates me when I pay yarn store prices (as opposed to WalMart prices) for what is supposedly quality yarn and get stuck with things like this.

I support the Mission Falls people for closing when they realized how the quality of their yarn had deteriorated.  I was using some of the stuff I hoarded when they announced that they were closing and I found one ball with five knots in it!  The rest all had at least one knot per ball.  I haven’t found one knot in the new stuff.  We’ll see.  I do like 1824 Wool and Cotton…

RANT mode off!


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