Knitting ADD

Ah yes…the second Tofutsies sock is not done…the Norberta dragon is not yet finished (just the legs to sew together, stuff and attach)…the other projects hither and yon sit unloved and yet this very morning I cast on for the adult Babies and Bears sweater (Cottage Creations – acquired at the Grand Opening of Knitters’ Knook on Saturday) with the Manos that has been marinating in stash since last summer…then it was frogged and put onto smaller needles and then it was frogged again and a smaller size used…so far this one is going forward but after only a few rows, I am not making any promises…


2 thoughts on “Knitting ADD

  1. Okay, we obviously have a problem here. Are we perhaps not swatching? Oh the evilness of it all! That being said, soldier on grasshopper!

  2. Becky, Becky, Becky…sleeves (and this pattern starts with the sleeve) are just good sized swatches…I’ve got a good four inches on it now and am very pleased…evilness is when you have a gut feeling that something just isn’t quite right (gauge, size, fabric density) and you keep going anyway hoping it will work out and frog miles and miles and miles when you REALIZE FOR SURE that not only isn’t it quite right…it will never be quite right…

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