Knitting ADD continues…

Well, Norberta is mainly done (no eyes or nostrils or teeth yet but put together).  She is sitting beside me on my desk and I am deciding if I want to take the back legs off and move them slightly forward for more stability…cute though…due to a computer meltdown about three weeks ago, the camera stuff is very limited for now…

The Tofutsies sock continues…about three inches from starting the decreases to the toe.

The Adult Babies and Bears sweater continues…three quarters done one sleeve…happy with it but think that I will change to larger needles when I get to the body to help row gauge out a little bit…

Ah yes, and I cast on for the Men at Work sweater from Knit Picks using stash Baby Ull (Becky…are you there Becky…I’ll be over sometime soon Becky…I downloaded the watermelon sweater too :>)…going to need some of the new fuschia…).

I think I have decided to frog the Ram Wool’s Medallions Jacket…my color work has improved at lot since I started it and it looks crappy to me now…whether or not I will do it over or use the yarn for something else, I haven’t decided…I had already changed the Ram Wools Selkirk for Debbie Bliss cashmerino and there is probably enough for a sweater for one of the grands…


One thought on “Knitting ADD continues…

  1. It was good to see you at the shop today and to see what you are planning to start to knit! They will be awesome and I can’t wait to see them in person. I’m assuming that I will be seeing them in person, Betsy, before they are gifted! HMMMM? Keep that man in check, as I can tell you have your hands full with him! Will be ordering the black and brown very soon.

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