Small progress…

It was a busy weekend with only some knitting…and that during basketball games that became very exciting so no colorwork!

I did manage to get the sleeve of the Men at Work sweater to where I am going to be happy with it…but frogged the watermelon sweater…it is tootootoo busy when done…I think I can design a sweater that I will be happy with and that will happen after the Men at Work sweater is done (that grandchild is growing faster than the watermelon grandchild!!!).  The new sweater will be less colors, less design and a darker green for sure (I KNEW that forest green Baby Ull would come in handy some day :>)).

Got some work done on the Babies and Bears sweater…I am at row 55 where things get rearranged…where’s the coffee…gotta be awake for that part…I’ve read the directions several times and still not quite sure I “get” it but I have also knitted enough Cottage Creations to know to just follow the directions exactly and all will be ok…that is one thing about patterns that have been around for a long time and knit by a lot of people…the bugs have been pretty much worked out by the time you or I get them…  I love the way the color of the yarn is taking to this pattern and the parts of stockinette and then garter enhance that.  Must work on it…soon going to be too warm to wear it even once before next fall…

Two or three rows got done on the Tofutsies sock while waiting to visit a friend stuck in the hospital…I have changed to the KnitPicks enterlac purse that I just finished so I am now NEVER without knitting (old knitted tote too small for even a sock…altho I got the most compliments on it that I have gotten on any other thing I have knitted…sigh).

Gotta go to work now…


One thought on “Small progress…

  1. Glad you are making progress (on so many things by the sound of it) as I think I am hopelessly out of ideas right now. I can’t believe it but I am having the hollow head day today. I can’t decide where I want to go from here. I have the Lilith from Louet going, which is a shrug, and I have Monkey socks going, and I have plain vanilla socks going, and I have the Swan Lake Shawl going that has to be done by May and I’m not even sure if it is the first of May or the end of May! The Forest Canopy is 2 rows from completion, but I just can’t face those 2 400 plus stitches rows yet, plus a two row bind off! Maybe it is all because I had to do the DMV license renewal thing today, that was the only place I got any knitting at all done today. Vanilla sock number one almost done! Tomorrow will be a better day. ;>)

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