Computer Limbo…

…I called this Computer Limbo because it was as nice a word as I could come up with to use in polite company…

In January, I had a serious computer meltdown…a blown power supply that took down other important parts with it (like the hard drive…).  I have been limping along with our “office” backup laptop…knowing that I would have to buy a new computer sometime soon…deciding whether or not to buy an XP machine or just take the plunge to Vista…after about the nine hundreth time of having to restart the machine to clear the memory so I could do some important thing (like update the business web site…ahem), I made the decision that Vista wasn’t going away and I might as well do it…found a sweet little deal at and did their instore pickup (what a GREAT idea!).

Very few glitches (ok…the wireless adaptor that goes with our network system isn’t Vista compatible…an overnight from fixed that)…the hassle of migrating data (that is going to be true on ANY new computer, Vista or XP…but was actually easier with Vista that my last XP transfer)…and the downtime while getting it all set up…finally, I am back up and running.

Know what?  All of the hype about how horrible Vista is…it is just that…hype…if you set the display on “classic view”, it is not too much different than XP on the surface…and has some nice extras that I am just learning to use…the “gadgets” are going to take some thought about how to utilize fully…some good games too!

Knitting took a back seat to all this…most of the time, I was wiped out and my brain was exploding at the end of the days…so I just knit some rows on the Moderne Baby Blanket…wonderfully boring garter stitch…the good news is that I will have the ability to upload from my camera again!  Pictures soon!


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