Small progress on several fronts

I “took the afternoon off” yesterday to watch my beloved Phillies finally win a game…took them ten innings (extra knitting time!). Got a few rows done on the Tofutsies sock that I took out of my purse to work on (it is my carry around project but it was feeling neglected because we haven’t been out much where I could knit lately). Got several rows done on the Moderne Baby Blanket. Got several rows done on the Babies and Bears sweater (take two…or three…or four). Got several rows done on the sleeve of the Men at Work sweater…I am up to the orange traffic cones…figured out I am getting stitch gauge but not row gauge…not sure that makes much difference other than more repeats of the pattern and carefully attention where things are not given in length measurements (and I am not sure there are any in this pattern but the hot spots are often sleeve hole length (this is a steeked sweater so that gets controlled by yours truly…uh oh…could be a problem :>)) and neck hole sizing…we’ll see… Probably does mean more yarn…aw…an excuse to go to the new LYS again…yeeeeeeeHA!


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