One step back…two steps forward…

Work continues on the Babies and Bears sweater…however, I noticed that the yarn had broken about two rows back…so I’ve been tinking (notice how close that is to stinking…)…and I found that there was a join in the yarn that hadn’t quite held…I noticed a tuft when I knit it but didn’t think anything of it at the time…sigh…next time INVESTIGATE!  Because I knew there was a break in the line, I did go back and put in a short lifeline on the stitches near the break so they wouldn’t ladder back while I was tinking…worked out very well.

At any rate…two and half rows tinked and reknit…now back to where I started, twelve rows from the end of the knitting…maybe by the weekend (of course it’s supposed to be in the 70s and 80s then…so my need for a nice heavy wool sweater might not be as great as it is when it is in the 40s…but we all know the 40s will come back…hopefully not until September though :>)).


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