An ah ha moment…

Old Business…the Baby and Bears Sweater is finished with the knitting part…finished with the grafting part…not finished with the weaving in of ends part…perhaps tomorrow or this weekend.  The Trekking Natura sock continues…1st cuff almost done…

New Business…I have a love hate relationship with lace…I’ve done some lace work…loved some of it, hated some of it…have to be in the right mood I thought.  I have a skein of alpaca/silk laceweight in the Happy Dance colorway from KnitPicks that I just love the yarn and I just love the color…I have been off and on working on the Town and Country scarf from Jolene Treace’s Elizabeth 1 scarf set…never really felling the love…but I’ve done a lot of work on it lately for some reason…finally got the pattern down, etc.  Then it hit me…WHAM…I really don’t like knitting with LACEWEIGHT…all of the lace I have enjoyed has been on “fatter” yarns…I prefer a little more “body” to my knitting. Good thing there isn’t too much in my stash…two more scarves planned for my daughters then NO MORE!  Why does it take me so long to figure these things out?


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