I am suddenly obsessed with gloves!  I have conquered my fear of fingers (!) and I have completed a pair of gloves in amzing time…took orders from DD for another pair, ordered another pattern…now I know what I am going to do with all that sport alpaca I bought when my old LYS (Tapestry) was closing!

Speaking of LYS closing, I understand Becky is closing my current LYS (Knitter’s Knook) and going to China to be with her husband.  I certainly understand going to actually live with your husband but I will miss Knitter’s Knook…and Becky herself…hope she’s got good Internet connections over there!

So, that makes Yarn Theory my new LYS…having spent the last month moving from Franklin County into Bedford County, this is even more appropriate.  Guess I need to find their new location, huh?  Unfortunately moving unearths ALL of your stash which is good news and bad news…but I’ll be on a yarn diet for a while to knit my way through some of this!


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