Yes, yes, I’ve been knitting…just having been posting. Sorry…

Now…on to the rant. I am knitting out of a fairly new book…one that grandmothers would probably fall over…even those grandmothers that haven’t knit for a while….maybe even a long while. There are some such really basic mistakes in it that it makes me wonder if anybody test knit these things…sort of like the right side and the wrong side messed up…weird in a book you paid real money for! And no contact info for the author…I followed a few links on ravelry and there was no way to leave a message…grrr…good thing I can punt:>) (or it that tink :>)?)…

What’s your pet peeve in knitting supplies?


2 thoughts on “Rant

  1. I know that at the time my own book was being published, my blog was based on our homeserver and the number of hits was already crashing it. We were planning on moving everything offsite (and did), but at the time, given that the publisher felt there was a space crunch in the book…

    …It was just easier to leave out my website address for right then. It’s easy to google and find it. Hopefully something like that might be true for the book you’re dealing with?

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