A few FOs for Miles

Getting ready to send off the Christmas package for my granddaughter with a few knitted items for her new brother…
His Christmas stocking (a mix of several styles…basic pattern from my fifty plus year old one with some new twists to make it a little different from his sister’s):

Then the sweaters…the first a free pattern from Caron (they used country I used Simply Soft from stash…I liked doing this enough that I am making another one for his stepcousin(?) due in March; the slippers are just something I threw together out of leftover sock yarn (Dicentra Designs Solar Energy color I believe)…I hope they will still fit; they were supposed to get there before he was born but they got tucked under a cushion and not found until Thanksgiving cleaning…sigh):

And last…a pattern from the Berroco book for their new yarn Remix…I think the baby modeling it in the book is every bit as cute as the sweater itself (until of course Miles puts his on…). Made out of stash Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.


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