This is Betsy the knitting Realtor at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.  I sold the real estate company that I owned and managed in Northern Virginia and moved to the lake in 2000.  I have never looked back – I love it here!  I have been married since 1997 to my best buddy – we have seven grown children from previous marriages and four grandchildren…and a cat named Ezz that runs our household…

I am still selling real estate (see the real estate site…with links to its blog at smlhomes.com) – I love just selling real estate and not managing a company anymore although I enjoyed it very much when I did it.   I’ve also been a librarian-and I find the Internet to be the world’s biggest and best library!

 I’ve been knitting since high school although there were a few years where counted cross stitch was a passion (now it is too hard to see to do and I enjoy the flexibility that knitting gives my aging hands).  I still wear the first sweater I knit (also still have the pattern – I am my father’s pack rat).

Thanks for wandering by…


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