New Quilt in Ugly Duckling Stage

OK, I had to put together the new quilt pieces to see how big it was going to be…I am making it for my new-in-October grandson, but my husband’s got his eye on it for his recliner and I figured it could go to him if it were too big to be a “baby” quilt and I would have time to start something else for the baby…but this looks like it is going to block out to be about 39×46 or so…not a bad size…
The original pattern is Bright Star in Comfort Quilts…calls for a worsted…using Knit Picks’ Comfy Fingering on a size 4…love the fabric…it is going to need a light backing…I am thinking thin flannel…at any rate here is the picture of this work in progress…



Yes, yes, I’ve been knitting…just having been posting. Sorry…

Now…on to the rant. I am knitting out of a fairly new book…one that grandmothers would probably fall over…even those grandmothers that haven’t knit for a while….maybe even a long while. There are some such really basic mistakes in it that it makes me wonder if anybody test knit these things…sort of like the right side and the wrong side messed up…weird in a book you paid real money for! And no contact info for the author…I followed a few links on ravelry and there was no way to leave a message…grrr…good thing I can punt:>) (or it that tink :>)?)…

What’s your pet peeve in knitting supplies?

Celtic socks finished!

Celtic socks were finished this morning…I actually enjoy the Kitchenering process…pictures later.

 Had to go out to one of the rural lots we have listed this morning to meet with the bushhogger…what a beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL area I am lucky enough to live in.  We need rain badly but the trees are starting to turn at the highest levels of the mountains and the weatherdudes are promising that the heat will break tonight…fingers crossed.

 Go knit something!

Hello world!

Thanks for stopping by…I am known in a lot of lists and groups as Betsy the knitting Realtor at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia and I decided the best way to learn about blogs and how they work is to jump in and start one.

What am I working on now?  Well, three pairs of socks…Lynda Gemmell’s Celtic Braid Socks in burgundy Knit Picks Risata, a pair of plain ones of my own design in Dicentra Design’s Solar Energy color and I just started a pair in …groan…black…alpaca for my stepdaughter…using a watermelon rib that I learned from a Judy Sumner pattern ages ago.  I will try to figure out how to upload pictures in the next day or so. 

There’s also a couple of sweaters on the needles and the yarn just came for hubby’s new clogs…oh yes, and an afghan for my knitting couch – the Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting using Caron’s Simply Soft (my cheap washable yarn of choice when I am figuring something out).