Computer Limbo…

…I called this Computer Limbo because it was as nice a word as I could come up with to use in polite company…

In January, I had a serious computer meltdown…a blown power supply that took down other important parts with it (like the hard drive…).  I have been limping along with our “office” backup laptop…knowing that I would have to buy a new computer sometime soon…deciding whether or not to buy an XP machine or just take the plunge to Vista…after about the nine hundreth time of having to restart the machine to clear the memory so I could do some important thing (like update the business web site…ahem), I made the decision that Vista wasn’t going away and I might as well do it…found a sweet little deal at and did their instore pickup (what a GREAT idea!).

Very few glitches (ok…the wireless adaptor that goes with our network system isn’t Vista compatible…an overnight from fixed that)…the hassle of migrating data (that is going to be true on ANY new computer, Vista or XP…but was actually easier with Vista that my last XP transfer)…and the downtime while getting it all set up…finally, I am back up and running.

Know what?  All of the hype about how horrible Vista is…it is just that…hype…if you set the display on “classic view”, it is not too much different than XP on the surface…and has some nice extras that I am just learning to use…the “gadgets” are going to take some thought about how to utilize fully…some good games too!

Knitting took a back seat to all this…most of the time, I was wiped out and my brain was exploding at the end of the days…so I just knit some rows on the Moderne Baby Blanket…wonderfully boring garter stitch…the good news is that I will have the ability to upload from my camera again!  Pictures soon!


How many times…

…do I have to be reminded NOT to knit any part of any item where the directions change, you have to pay attention, etc. during basketball tournament season…there are simple garter stitch projects for times like these…

Yes, well, ahem…the Babies and Bears sweater is being ripped back to the sleeve…57 rows worth because I missed the part where the increases were supposed to “travel” not just be two stitches on either side of the end of row marker…at least I got the rest of  the yarn wound this weekend…sigh.

This week brought news of another grandchild on the way…more knitting excuses…I like it!

Small progress…

It was a busy weekend with only some knitting…and that during basketball games that became very exciting so no colorwork!

I did manage to get the sleeve of the Men at Work sweater to where I am going to be happy with it…but frogged the watermelon sweater…it is tootootoo busy when done…I think I can design a sweater that I will be happy with and that will happen after the Men at Work sweater is done (that grandchild is growing faster than the watermelon grandchild!!!).  The new sweater will be less colors, less design and a darker green for sure (I KNEW that forest green Baby Ull would come in handy some day :>)).

Got some work done on the Babies and Bears sweater…I am at row 55 where things get rearranged…where’s the coffee…gotta be awake for that part…I’ve read the directions several times and still not quite sure I “get” it but I have also knitted enough Cottage Creations to know to just follow the directions exactly and all will be ok…that is one thing about patterns that have been around for a long time and knit by a lot of people…the bugs have been pretty much worked out by the time you or I get them…  I love the way the color of the yarn is taking to this pattern and the parts of stockinette and then garter enhance that.  Must work on it…soon going to be too warm to wear it even once before next fall…

Two or three rows got done on the Tofutsies sock while waiting to visit a friend stuck in the hospital…I have changed to the KnitPicks enterlac purse that I just finished so I am now NEVER without knitting (old knitted tote too small for even a sock…altho I got the most compliments on it that I have gotten on any other thing I have knitted…sigh).

Gotta go to work now…

Knitting ADD continues…

Well, Norberta is mainly done (no eyes or nostrils or teeth yet but put together).  She is sitting beside me on my desk and I am deciding if I want to take the back legs off and move them slightly forward for more stability…cute though…due to a computer meltdown about three weeks ago, the camera stuff is very limited for now…

The Tofutsies sock continues…about three inches from starting the decreases to the toe.

The Adult Babies and Bears sweater continues…three quarters done one sleeve…happy with it but think that I will change to larger needles when I get to the body to help row gauge out a little bit…

Ah yes, and I cast on for the Men at Work sweater from Knit Picks using stash Baby Ull (Becky…are you there Becky…I’ll be over sometime soon Becky…I downloaded the watermelon sweater too :>)…going to need some of the new fuschia…).

I think I have decided to frog the Ram Wool’s Medallions Jacket…my color work has improved at lot since I started it and it looks crappy to me now…whether or not I will do it over or use the yarn for something else, I haven’t decided…I had already changed the Ram Wools Selkirk for Debbie Bliss cashmerino and there is probably enough for a sweater for one of the grands…

Knitting ADD

Ah yes…the second Tofutsies sock is not done…the Norberta dragon is not yet finished (just the legs to sew together, stuff and attach)…the other projects hither and yon sit unloved and yet this very morning I cast on for the adult Babies and Bears sweater (Cottage Creations – acquired at the Grand Opening of Knitters’ Knook on Saturday) with the Manos that has been marinating in stash since last summer…then it was frogged and put onto smaller needles and then it was frogged again and a smaller size used…so far this one is going forward but after only a few rows, I am not making any promises…

A request fulfilled…

Went to the opening of the new local yarn store (more about that in the next few days…let’s just say I am in love…I prefer to spend my money locally and well…a lot of it will be spent here :>)) this weekend and got discussing socks (surprising, isn’t it…well…no!).  I was asked for MY generic sock recipe…here it is…

Strong Cat in Bush
(My everyday sock pattern, with special thanks to Gerdine Strong, Cat Bordhi and Nancy Bush…all of who influenced my thinking inside and outside the box!)  “Pithy” directions (had to get Elizabeth in there somehow!).  This pattern has evolved over the years…please feel free to let me know if you come up with any variations!

Using sock yarn and size one dpns, CO 64; arrange 20-24-20.

Cuff pattern of choice to 7” (note: lately have preferred 1” or 2” of k1p1 ribbing then plain st st).

Knit one more round, arranging stitches to 16-16-32.

Repeat the following 2 rows until you have 30-30-32 (Note: those with narrow ankles may choose not to increase this much…I have wide feet and these are so darn comfortable!).
Row 1: Needle one: k1, kf&b, k to end… Needle 2: k to 2 st from end, kf&b, k1, Needle 3 Knit.
Row 2: Knit around.
(this is 28 rows).

Turn heel – knitting on only needles 1 &2
K across needle 1, k2, ssk, k1, turn.
S1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn.
S1, k6, ssk, k1, turn.
S1, p7, p2tog, turn.
Continue this way until all stitches have been used up.

Knit around on all needles until 7” from “point” of heel.


Decrease round: Needle 1 k1, k2tog, knit to end of needle.  Needle 2: Knit to 2 stitches from end, ssk, k1.
Needle 3: K1, k2tog, knit to 3 stitches from end, ssk, k1.

Round 1  Decrease
R 2-4      Knit
R 5    Dec
R 6-8    Knit
R9    Dec
R10-11    Knit
R 12    Dec
R 13-14    Knit
R 15    Dec
R 16    K
R17    Dec
R 18    K
R 19    Dec
R 20    K (and knit across needles 1 and 2 putting all stitches from 1 &2 on one needle).

Graft toe.